Restauarnt "Biene"

Restauarnt "Biene"

The route takes us through the wooded Lättebach valley, crossing the main road, and until about 500 m after the hamlet of Hünikon, where we branch off to the right onto a field path. This leads us westwards along the edge of the wood and through the wood “Buechwald” to Holzhäusern. Shortly after this village, we turn off to the right onto a field path, leading over meadows and along the Lättebach to the village of Maltbach to the west with its restaurant “Zur Biene”, a beautiful half-timber house, where we take a rest.

Kaltenbrunnen: Chapel St.James

We continue on the main road southwards to Kaltenbrunnen with its St. James chapel at the left side of the road. Here, we branch off to the right, and in a southern direction past the schoolhouse and across fields, we come to the main road at the northern entrance of the village of Affeltrangen (“Bollstäg”). We bypass the village and going westwards along the brook “Lauche” and then southwards across open fields (crossing the Affeltrangen road), we come to “Chrüzegg”, a former pilgrim’s hostel. From here, we walk across fields and meadows until we reach the road at the western edge of the village Tobel (at “Flüügenegg”). Very noteworthy here is the striking Way of St.James fingerpost, telling us that on foot, it is still 2315 km to Santiago.

Tobel parish church

Pilgrims wanting to visit the place branch off to the left and take the access road into Tobel. The commandery of the order of the Knights of St John, founded in 1226 and rebuilt in 1744, and its church, transferred to the old peel tower are especially noteworthy. The task of the knightly order was to provide sick-care and generally to look after pilgrims weakened by the journey and heading for Einsiedeln.