Section Brunnen-Beckenried

Die beiden Varianten auf dieser Etappe helfen, Risiken zu reduzieren.

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The short descriptions were compiled and checked in volunteer work by helpers and association members after travelling the route, and based on the state of knowledge at that time. The exactness of the contents, and in particular their accordance with the official St. James way-posting cannot be guaranteed, also not in the sense of a product liability, by the association “” and the authors. In case of differences, pilgrims are asked to please follow in each case the official St. James markings, and to advise us of possible errors. Thank you.

Texts: Winfried Erbach, Joe Weber and Klaus Augustiny (manuscript reader). Translated from German by Hans Bamert
Pictures: Wolfgang Hörler, Winfried Erbach, various others. 

Copyright: Verein 

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