Willisau chapel

The route turns right and leads upwards in a northern direction past the cemetery and then past an animal park to the wooden cross on the hill “Gütsch”. Here, we enjoy a beautiful outlook over Willisau and the Pilatus mountain. We go westwards to the edge of the wood and soon turn off into the wood “Willbrigwald” which we traverse in a north-western direction. After an intersection of paths and a resting place in the wood, our slightly rising path turns west and comes to open pastureland. After the farmstead Schwarzwald and then after a bend, we come to the hamlet of Olisrüti.

Farmhouse Olisrüti

Here, we climb the hill in a western direction until we come to the rim of the wood Howald. We follow the edge until we come to the summit of the wood, skirt it until we turn off westwards. We cross the field road and come to the farmstead “Im Bärnet”. Along the way near the farm “Ankerain”, we come to the pilgrim station “Power and Powerlessness” that unfortunately was damaged by vandals, something that today might well relate to the theme of that station. We direct our steps southwards to the farm “Hegihof”, and from here on the main road in the direction of Zell until, below the edge of the wood at the southern rim of the “Zäller Allmend” (commons), we turn off to the left onto a field path on which we pass the hamlet of Buechwald and through a small wood we come down to the river Luthern. Crossing the bridge there, we come to the houses of “Vorder Schache”. We turn off to the right and proceed on the Huttwil road past “Stosschäppeli” to the road bifurcation Stoss.

Stoss Luther river

Here, we turn off sharply left, cross the brook Warmisbach and follow its course on an access road until we come to the cut-off at the wood’s edge where we climb on a field road at the right up the slope to Ufhusen, the mountain village on the hill-crest, with its parish church St John and Catherine, built 1780. On the gallery below the organ is a picture showing the Madonna with the Good Counsel.

We leave Ufhusen behind, starting at the village centre, and southwards over sloping meadows, we come down into the wooded trench of the Cholerloch brook. On the opposite side, we climb up the slope westwards and continue along the edge of the wood.

Ufhusen chapel

Near the end of the wood, we turn off to the left, continue southwards past the farm “Neuhof” and come to the road. At the wood’s edge, we come to another pilgrim station, dedicated to the theme “Money”, a theme of interest also for pilgrims. We cross the road and through a small wood, and along the sloping meadows, we come into the Chammerewald (wood). We cross it near the northern edge and, before we come to the end of the wood, we turn off to the right to Huttwil-Rütistalde.

Huttwil parish church

 Proceeding westwards and over the river Langete, we come to the Eriswil road, cross it and take the cemetery path parallel to it into the centre of the small town and the main road of Huttwil. The reformed town church is noteworthy, also the beautiful market fountain and the hotel “Mohren”, an important pilgrim hostel since the 13th century.