Urnäsch - St. Peterzell

View from the "Folenweid"

 We enjoy the wonderful view to the mountains of Eastern Switzerland and also see the Lake of Constance in the form of a silver lining. If we want to eat and drink something, the restaurant on the summit of the pass is only 3 minutes away. Thus strengthened, we walk slightly downhill over the flat mountain ridge of the Tüfenberg past the group of rocks of the “Fuchsstein” (1073m). For a short stretch, we follow the mountain road and then turn off to the right to reach the valley ground passing some farmsteads along the way.


Thus we come to the village of Schönengrund (841m) where the Tüfenbach (brook) flows through the place. The houses to the north of the brook belong to the village of Wald which is part of the municipality of St. Peterzell. Behind Schönengrund, we cross the Tüfenbach towards Wald, and soon turn off from the road to the left, and come to Tüfi. Then we climb up to the inn “Kreuz” (829m) where we cross the road Herisau – St. Peterzell and then go slightly downhill on the old country road in the direction of Ämisegg as far as the hamlet of Stofel (862m). There, we change to a rural road leading past the hamlet of Rüti and again back to the main road. On the sidewalk, we come into the village of St. Peterzell. The name is derived from the former monastery “Cella Sancti Petri” which in 1555 became a provostry of the monastery of St. Gallen.  

St. Peterzell - Wattwil (section  Herisau-Wattwil)

St. Peterzell parish church

We leave St. Peterzell across the bridge over the Necker (river), in the direction of “Altes Bädli” lying some distance above the village. The house worth seeing has a richly painted facade with a historical tavern sign. After the Altes Bädli, we proceed on a well-kept hollow way up to Hofstetten. 
This hamlet is characterized by stately wooden houses with richly formed and decorated facades. After crossing the “Schlifentobel” (ravine) and after a moderate climb, we reach the farm “Niderwil”, and then “Eichbüel” shortly after. 


Guesthouse Churfirsten

At the crossroads, we turn off to the right, in the direction of “Scherrer”, to the rises and hills of the “Reitenberg” offering commanding views, and to the inn “Churfirsten” at 984m above sea level. After that, the route points westwards along a chain of farmsteads in the typical Toggenburg style, down to Wattwil with the “Kubli” church.