G23 Genf Riviere Arve Pont Carouge

Riviere Arve

We cross it on the Pont de Carouge (tramway), and leave the city behind. We are now in the small town of Carouge. The route follows the tramway tracks through the Avenue Cardinal-Mermillod and the Rue Ancienne. To the right of the long square with the plane trees stands the catholic church Ste-Croix with the interesting organ, the side chapels and apostle statues. Near the Place du Rondeau, a big round square with the monument “Genève à la Suisse”, we leave the tramway tracks and use the sidewalk to go up the Route de Drize. We leave the road, turn off to the right and follow the well-maintained path (Chemin du Bief à Dance) across the brook Drize as far as the road crossing where the Route de Saconnex d’Arve joins, and we follow this road in a southern direction. A short distance before the main crossing in the village of Saconnex d’Arve, we turn off southwards and come to a quiet little road. To the left we see the mountain ridge “Grand Salève”, already on French soil, and to the right the tower of the former castle fortress.

Saconnex Grand Saleve

Saconnex Grand Saleve

On the street, we go through the village of Saconnex d’Arve-Dessus with the stone cross and, using the cycling and hiking path, we come to the roundabout of Compesières. On the right-hand side is the castle of Compesières with the church that was transformed into a Commandery by the Knights of St.John in the 14th century. Therein, pilgrims were formerly accommodated and given spiritual advice. Today it houses the communal administration of Bardonnex and a small museum. From opposite the church, the route follows a paved road to Charrot and from there over a road crossing southwards to the brook Arande forming the national border. Here, at an unmanned border crossing point, ends the Swiss Way of St. James.

The first guidepost on French soil bids us welcome and indicates that on the “Chemin de Saint-Jacques – GR 65” until Santiago it is still 1854 km!