After the bifurcation at Neuhaus, the field path leads straight to “Risifeld”. There, the path at first turns to the right, and shortly after southwards to the motorway. We walk parallel to it for about 200m until we can cross it. Then the path leads southwards through the “Sumpfige Bürstli” to the hillock “Goldberg”.

Schmerikon parish church

Here, we enjoy a breathtaking outlook over Lake Zürich, the hilly “Buechberg” and the Glarus Alps in the distance. Taking the church spire as a lead, we follow the descending path through “Lanzenmoos” to the church of St.Jost with its beautiful altars, gilded pulpit and organ, and ceiling paintings. Now there are only a few steps to the railway station and lake-port of Schmerikon. In the vicinity, the “Haus zum Hirzen”, built 1610-20, also named “Schlössli”, as well as some old inns can be seen.

Schmerikon Siebnen

rom the station of Schmerikon, we walk eastwards on the lakeshore path (on the right-hand side of the railway line) as far as the feeder road, from which we soon turn off to the left in the direction of the lakeshore bathing place, and arrive at the canalised Aabach (brook). We follow it eastwards as far as the covered bridge. There, we follow the road due south through the “Grosse Allmeind” to the side canal of the Lindt river. We turn east and follow the canal path to the Grinau road bridge. We cross it and arrive at the squat Grinau peel tower built in the 13th century. The 17th century castle on the left-hand roadside is now a popular restaurant and houses in its basement a chapel whose altar is dedicated to the Auxiliary Saints. Now in a south-western direction, we come to the pumping station, where we turn to the right to the motorway which we cross. From here, we follow at first the “Alte Lindt” river, and then the drainage canal until we turn off to the left to the “ARA” (water purification plant). Here, we cross the Alte Lindt and turn off to the feeder road. We follow it a short stretch, then turn off to the right to visit the “Lindtbord” chapel “Anneli-Kapelle”. Now we continue on a field path, the church spire of Tuggen serving as beacon, through the “Tuggener Ried”and then through residential quarters to the Zürcherstrasse in the village centre. We turn off to the right and past the baroque parish church St.Erhard to the edge of the village and up an incline. Following a field road in a south-western direction, we descend to the houses “Im Paradies” and the Zürcherstrasse with its heavy traffic. We follow it westwards until we can turn off to the south at the hamlet “Bol”. We cross the motorway on an overpass and arrive at the Loretto Chapel. Always due south, we continue to the railway line which we cross through an underpass. Now westwards along the railway line to the Bahnhofstrasse which leads us in a southern direction past the parish church and the St.Niklaus chapel to the Zürcherstrasse and the bridge over the river “Wäggitaler Aa”, in the village centre of Siebnen.