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Old pilgrim song

“So ziehen wir durchs Schweizerland ein, die heissen uns willkommen sein, und geben uns ihre Speise, sie legen uns wohl und decken uns warm, die Strassen thun sie uns weisen.”

(Now we enter Swiss territory where they bid us welcome, feed us, give us warm shelter and show us the way).

Diary of pilgrim James

The old pilgrim song comes to my mind while I cross the Swiss border in Constance towards Kreuzlingen. Having tried my gambling luck in the Casino on German soil one last time, I now desist from it and stop at the former monastery church in Kreuzlingen. 40 stages on the Swiss section of the Way of St. James lie before me. And always the question: “Do you continue on the way, or do give up, pilgrim James?” will be my constant companion.

Know the fine thread of hope in your very own biography, that inner force that, despite many difficulties, animates you unstoppably. Know the fine thread of faith in your very own walk of life, that divine source that despite troublesome periods will never run dry in you.
Pierre Stutz

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